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Ed Thomas!!


The fastest mass air car in history on 275/60 Drag Radials
7.87@172   Tuning with
the EFI-Systems PMS and Abaco Performance DBX-97B mass air
meter with a 354 C.I. Ed Thomas Performance engine, Vortech Xi
S/C and a Frank Lupos C-4 Trans

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DBX™ Mass Air Meters work with both frequency
and voltage base automobiles!

This includes Audi, BMW, Ford/Mercury, GM, Honda/Acura,
Mazda, Mitsubishi, Nissan/Infinite, Porsche, Subaru,
 Toyota/Lexus and VW.

0-5 volts, 5-0 volts and frequency
All you need is your automobiles mass air transfer tables.

Our library of mass air transfers has grown to include 89-08 Mustang
V8, 96-02 Camaro/Firebird V8, 97-08 Corvette, 04-06 GTO, SSR-LS2
and keeps growing.

If your car is not included in our library of mass air transfer, you may still
 use the DBX mass air meter by using the mass air transfer table from
 your factory ECU, or by sending us your meter, air piping and
 air box for us to flow, ($50.00 fee) and then installing those transfers
 into the DBX with Abaco software.

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